Improve your ESG score with our data

Dedalo AI measure the environmental impact of software and provide guidelines to reduce it. Our first product is a tool that measures the Co2 emissions of websites because we learnt that if Internet was a country it would be the 3rd polluter in the world.

Traceability as never seen before

Impact on user devices

We accurately measure your website's CO2 emissions coming from all your users' devices.


Our reports are ESG compliant and work with your current analytics software.

Zero effort

No software modification is required.

Never miss a gram of CO2.

We know how difficult it is to measure the scope 3 emissions, in particular those generated by users scattered worldwide, so to make your sustainable journey as easy as possible we created a powerful and reliable tool to measure the environmental impact caused by users devices.

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Minimize your environmental impact.

Measure the environmental impact of your website and learn how to minimize it. Sustainability should be based on data and we can give you the most precise ones.

Accurate data

We analyze and measure data in a holistic way, considering variables that others don't.

Improvements guidelines

We help you reduce the impact of your website.

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