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  • The Power of Sustainable Web Development: A Communications Perspective

    The Power of Sustainable Web Development: A Communications Perspective

    Discover the power of sustainable web development from a communications perspective. Learn how implementing eco-friendly practices can enhance user experience, reduce costs, and strengthen your brand’s commitment to sustainability. Stay ahead of the curve by adopting sustainable web development strategies, attracting environmentally conscious consumers and ensuring long-term success in the world of communications.

  • Why companies think sustainability is a trend in 2022

    Sustainable mindset in successful companies According to a global survey conducted by The Harris Poll for Google Cloud, many executives are prioritizing sustainability at their companies. Executives also said they are looking to invest more in sustainability and technology than in any other area this year, though they confess that they are not quite sure […]

  • The Great Beauty called Earth

    “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” – William James I doubt that Oscar-winning director P. Sorrentino meant to refer to planet Earth in his award-winning masterpiece ‘The Great Beauty’, but the definition is so apt that I can think of no other. As humans continue striving to reach higher peaks, […]

  • ESG reporting in the future

    The deadlines are as follows: January 1, 2022 All in scope companies need to report the proportion of their turnover, Capex, Opex, AUM (for asset managers) or Green Asset Ratio (for banks and credit institutions) that is Taxonomy-eligible. Eligibility is merely an indication that a company makes money in an activity that can be tested […]

  • Greenwashing or not greenwashing? The answer is in the data

    ESG reporting frameworks Today the landscape of sustainable funds classified with article 8 and 9 of SFDR is vast and disorganized. The managers of these funds complain about the lack of accurate information about the assets on their portfolio. This is such a big problem since they have to report the emissions caused by the […]

  • Millions of tons of CO2 : Websites are the invisible enemy of climate change

    What is the environmental impact of visiting a website?Did you know that every action we take on the web has an environmental consequence? 70% of all CO2 emissions generated by websites come from user devices, while 25% come from data transmission and 5% come from data centers. This means that every action performed on the […]