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  • The Power of Sustainable Web Development: A Communications Perspective

    The Power of Sustainable Web Development: A Communications Perspective

    Discover the power of sustainable web development from a communications perspective. Learn how implementing eco-friendly practices can enhance user experience, reduce costs, and strengthen your brand’s commitment to sustainability. Stay ahead of the curve by adopting sustainable web development strategies, attracting environmentally conscious consumers and ensuring long-term success in the world of communications.

  • Reducing Your Digital Usage

    Reducing Your Digital Usage

    Technology is something we use every day, but we tend to underestimate our impact from our daily use of technology. Everytime we search up a site or send a text, we are creating an impact. To put this into perspective, digital technologies are responsible for 4% of greenhouse gas emissions, and this energy consumption is […]

  • An Underlooked Impactor on Emissions

    When considering causes of emissions, many consumers overlook the impact that technological devices have in this sector. Everyday, we use our phones, laptops, and other devices without a second thought. However, the energy usage from these devices is a giant contributor to emissions, and every click you make has an impact.  In the grand scheme, […]

  • Multi layer strategy to fend off the CO2 emissions

    Green supply chain utopia is coming An unavoidable trend that will change the way we do business in Europe is certainly the “Green supply chain”. This topic is mainly faced by big corporations, but in reality it is involving more and more small and medium sized enterprises. But what does it mean to create a […]

  • 5 pathways to the materiality of ESG factors

    5 pathways to the materiality of ESG factors

    In this post you will learn why ESG factors are important for companies, investors and all the stakeholders involved. There are 5 major pathways to the materiality of ESG factors. Customers First of all, better or worse ESG performance can attract or repel customers who pay more or pay less. The most rapidly and only […]

  • 6 easy ways to reduce your website impact

    900+ millions tons of CO2 is Internet’s carbon footprint today and this number will double by 2030. Businessmen and developers need to adopt greener practices. Websites can be made more sustainable by reducing the amount of computation and network involved in serving, delivering and rendering the website on the users devices.  A few of the […]

  • Stamina websites are a way to waste less energy

    How many times do we visit a site and then do something else without closing the window? Well, that site continues to exchange data from the server to our computer. It is not expensive to design sites so that they go into stamina mode after a few minutes if there is no browsing. Suzuki’s Italian […]

  • How much an email pollutes?

    As reported by the BBC, the carbon footprint of an email is 4 grams of CO2. However, if it contains very heavy attachments, it can be as much as 50 grams per email. In one year, a typical consumer who uses email for work can emit 135kg of CO2 equivalent. As the UK newspaper points […]

  • Search engines and web pages CO2 impact

    The forecasts for the future are not positive: according to the Iet, Institution of engineering and technology, consumption is expected to double between now and 2025. On the one hand there is the consumption generated by the manufacture of devices such as smartphones, computers and the servers themselves, and on the other the energy they […]

  • Greenwashing or not greenwashing? The answer is in the data

    ESG reporting frameworks Today the landscape of sustainable funds classified with article 8 and 9 of SFDR is vast and disorganized. The managers of these funds complain about the lack of accurate information about the assets on their portfolio. This is such a big problem since they have to report the emissions caused by the […]