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  • How much an email pollutes?

    As reported by the BBC, the carbon footprint of an email is 4 grams of CO2. However, if it contains very heavy attachments, it can be as much as 50 grams per email. In one year, a typical consumer who uses email for work can emit 135kg of CO2 equivalent. As the UK newspaper points […]

  • Search engines and web pages CO2 impact

    The forecasts for the future are not positive: according to the Iet, Institution of engineering and technology, consumption is expected to double between now and 2025. On the one hand there is the consumption generated by the manufacture of devices such as smartphones, computers and the servers themselves, and on the other the energy they […]

  • Millions of tons of CO2 : Websites are the invisible enemy of climate change

    What is the environmental impact of visiting a website?Did you know that every action we take on the web has an environmental consequence? 70% of all CO2 emissions generated by websites come from user devices, while 25% come from data transmission and 5% come from data centers. This means that every action performed on the […]