An Underlooked Impactor on Emissions

When considering causes of emissions, many consumers overlook the impact that technological devices have in this sector. Everyday, we use our phones, laptops, and other devices without a second thought. However, the energy usage from these devices is a giant contributor to emissions, and every click you make has an impact. 

In the grand scheme, digital technologies make up 4% of greenhouse gas emissions. If we continue on this path, the communications industry will comprise 20% of the entire world’s electricity consumption by 2025. This is a fast growing sector for emissions, and nothing seems to be calling attention to the problem. 

Data and further research has only proven that this is an issue we must address, and awareness must be spread. To put it into perspective, “the emissions generated by watching 30 minutes of Netflix [1.6 kg of CO2] is the same as driving almost 4 miles”. 

The emissions generated are due to devices running these websites, and a portion of that can be modified with fixing inefficiencies. Having an efficient program results in less energy usage, thus reducing consumption. These devices are responsible for 70% of these website emissions, so it is crucial that we focus on this issue. 

That is where we come in. We are a company known as Dedalo AI, and we have created a tool to measure the precise CO2 impact of websites on all their user devices. Our mission is to make both users and companies aware of how software can have major, yet silent, consequences on climate change if no action is taken immediately as Internet access is growing at a faster pace than renewable energy.

Here at Dedalo AI, we prioritize energy reduction in the technological sector. Our goal is to bring attention to this issue and face it head on through partnering with these companies. 

There are also ways in which consumers can reduce their use, and these can be through simple tasks such as less unnecessary charging, using the same devices longer, and reducing video streaming. Understanding the effect that device usage has on emissions is the first step in making more informed decisions. 

If you want to learn more about the carbon footprint of your company website and how to integrate this data in your ESG report, make sure you visit

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